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ABUS alarm box


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Product information

ABUS alarm box

With ABUS, your belongings are in safe hands. And now your bike is one of them, thanks to the technologically advanced ABUS Alalarmbox. A small miracle of technology which secures your bike better than ever before against theft and vandalism.

Includes CR2 battery and rock solid mounting, which clings flexibly in place. Where exactly it is attached does not matter for the alarm box, the main thing it hangs on a stable part such as de, steering wheel or the saddle. Because you can't get rid of a security system that easily.

Loud guard

The alarm function with 100 db speaker assures you that you will notice any disturbance on your device. It's not that easy to miss the powerful speaker. And 15 seconds after triggering, the alarm automatically rearms itself.

All Around Awareness

Thanks to revolutionary 3D Position Detection, the system instantly detects the slightest vibrations and movements in all three dimensions, giving you even more precise warning of possible theft.

Smart Protect

The Smart Alarm detects whether the situation is serious or an accident. In the case of smaller or shorter shocks, such as a soccer ball, etc., the alarm emits only a short warning tone. This prevents confusion between offenders and children playing in the garden.

For all cases

The ABUS Alarm Box is a universal alarm and does not necessarily have to hang on your bike. Attach it to your barbecue, fancy new motorcycle or use it to secure your belongings while enjoying the cool water at the beach. The ABUS Alarm Box can be armed anywhere and is your guardian for all cases.


Technical details


  • Alarm function with at least 100 dB for 15 seconds, then automatically re-armed
  • 3D Position Detection - detects vibrations and smallest movements in all three dimensions and triggers the alarm
  • Intelligent Alarm - In case of small and short shocks, e.g. by a soccer etc., the lock emits only a short warning tone
  • Incl. CR2 battery
  • Secure attachment to the bike

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Abus Alarm box


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