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RAVE luggage carrier bag Voyage - (pair) Easy-Click system
The luggage carrier bag from RAVE, as a reliable companion for every tour. Whether for shopping, for longer bike rides or on the daily ride to work. The RAVE Voyage offers not only a lot of storage space, but protects the contents reliably by the water-repellent polyester fabric. Through the Easy-Click system, the bag is reliably attached to the luggage carrier in seconds and removed again by a short pull on the loop. It offers both a comfortable carrying loop, as well as a shoulder strap and is thus also suitable for longer carrying.

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RAVE Bicycle Cell Phone Bag Top Tube Bag Frame Bag Universal Holder
With the new top tube bag from RAVE you always stay actively connected to your phone on your tour.Thanks to the perfect field of view and the sensitive surface you see not only every little thing on your phone, but can also operate your touchscreen super easy.So you can always use your phone for navigation or tour display. The cell phone bag has a cable opening for the headphones, so you can listen to music while biking relaxed. The bag is attached by 3 straps in seconds with Velcro to the top tube and the steering tube. The straps are 45 cm long and can therefore be customized for each bike by shortening (cutting). The ultra-modern bag is not only extremely stable, but also protected against rain. Inside the bag is plenty of space to accommodate additional external batteries or powerbanks. The charging cables are routed inside. Another quality product from the RAVE brand - at a fair price.

€17.95 €22.90 (21.62% saved)
Rave luggage carrier bag - cooler bag approx. 5 liters
High quality luggage carrier bag in XL format. Very robust bag with cooling compartment for cool packs (volume approx. 5 liters). This all-round bag is easily mounted with Velcro to all standard luggage carriers. Completely without tools and in seconds. The highlight is a specially coated main compartment that can be filled with cooling batteries and thus always provides chilled drinks on the bike tour. It continues to offer a huge storage volume for the "big luggage". Simply open the zipper on the side pockets and pull the additional pockets down. This results in an additional storage volume of about 12 liters. In addition, the luggage carrier bag has a water bottle holder.The lid is equipped with a luggage spider to accommodate additional luggage, such as a jacket, T-shirt or towel. Even in the dark, the bag is always visible due to large reflective stripes and thus provides further protection in traffic. The bag is weatherproof, so can easily tolerate a rain shower, but may not be classified as "waterproof". The carrying handle completes the diversity of this bag, which can also be used gladly for the camping trip as a small cooler bag. Features: Large main bag, can be used as a cooler bag (Approx. 5 liters) 2 side pockets with extendable side elements for large luggage volume (approx. 6 liters per pocket) Carrying handle Bottle holder Elastic bands on the top Rear light holder Reflective safety stripes

€34.90 €59.90 (41.74% saved)
RAVE bike saddle bag L with bottle cage, approx. 1.5 liters
This bike saddle bag offers with a capacity of about 1.5 liters enough space for important items such as cell phone, wallet, keys or tools and repair kit. It has an additional pocket for a water bottle (1 liter) or eg another T-shirt or rain cape. High durability and strength are guaranteed by the materials polyester and PVC. The bag is water repellent and the waterproof zippers provide additional tightness to protect the contents from moisture. Reflective elements on both sides, provide more safety at night. Easy installation by 4 Velcro straps and thus suitable for quick replacement and use on additional bikes. The saddle bag with bottle cage is suitable for many common bikes. You should make sure that the seatpost has a length of at least 20 cm.

€18.90 €24.90 (24.1% saved)
RAVE Waterproof pack sack 20 liters
This waterproof pack sack is ideal to protect valuables such as smartphone, wallet, keys and camera from water and dust. When stand up paddling dry clothes and a towel can be easily taken on the water. The things remain dry and protected. Carried the pack sack comfortably on the back with the supplied wide carrying strap. When kayaking, canoeing or inflatable boating, everything that is dear and expensive is packed into the waterproof RAVE pack sack. Then this is simply attached to the boat with a carabiner and you are 100% on the safe side. And if it does go overboard, it will float thanks to the trapped air. To close it, simply roll the pack sack at least four times (depending on the filling quantity) and close it with the safety closure. The safety closure ensures that it is not opened accidentally. It must be pressed in three places at the same time to open it. 100 % waterproof Safety closure Robust and durable material Large storage space (20 liters) Incl. practical and wide carrying strap

€19.90 €29.90 (33.44% saved)
RAVE High Pro 6 - spiral lock with key 100 cm / 18 mm
The spiral cable lock from RAVE protects against cutting and sawing through an extremely resistant steel cable. This lock offers very high security in the high level range by the 18 mm thick cable. In addition, it is covered with a vinyl protection, for comfortable handling and to prevent scratching. Due to its light weight, it offers high comfort and can be carried effortlessly even in small bags. In the medium price segment, it offers an excellent price/performance ratio.

€23.95 €30.67 (21.91% saved)
RAVE High Pro 5 - spiral armor - combination lock 100 cm / 15 mm
The armored cable lock from RAVE offers 2-fold security. Inside an extremely cut-resistant steel cable and outside additionally protected by hardened steel sleeves. The resistance to breakage thereby increases enormously and the weight is increased only insignificantly. The RAVE armored cable lock is characterized by functionality and flexibility and can be easily stowed even in small bags and backpacks.

€23.95 €30.67 (21.91% saved)
RAVE bike Triangle frame bag bicycle bag
The practical Triangle frame bag from RAVE was designed primarily for trekking bikes and mountain bikes. Despite its slim and space-saving dimensions, it still holds plenty of space for the most important utensils, such as wallet, keys, tools, mini pump or wind vest. It is attached quickly and securely under the frame by means of the practical Velcro fasteners. The robust, tear-resistant material reliably protects the contents from wind and weather. The reflective print ensures good visibility, especially when riding at night

€16.90 €21.90 (22.83% saved)
rave spiral lock 2 in 1 pro 5 - combination lock incl. 2 keys - 120 cm / 15 mm
The spiral cable lock from RAVE protects against cutting and sawing through an extremely resistant steel cable. This lock offers very high security in the high level range by the 18 mm thick cable. In addition, it is covered with a vinyl protection, for comfortable handling and to prevent scratching. Due to its light weight, it offers high comfort and can be carried effortlessly even in small bags. In the medium price segment, it offers an excellent price/performance ratio. The mix makes the difference: You have the choice between key or numerical code. The highlight of this lock is the freedom of choice for you. You can unlock it either by key or by numerical code. This is especially useful if you share a bike with your partner. One:r likes to use the key, the other likes to use the numeric code because he or she doesn't want to take a key with them.

€19.95 €29.95 (33.39% saved)
rave cable tie lock / multifunction lock - 50 cm / 100 g
The "just in time" lock for all cases Just plugging in your bike to go to the bakery. Just for a moment, secure the bike on the roof rack to have a coffee at the freeway service station. Only times briefly the racing bikes together to eat a well-deserved ice cream. In addition, this cable tie lock (because it looks like a cable tie and works similarly) is extremely light. Just 100 grams brings the lock on the scale. The reinforced steel core ensures that no one can take your bike, your e-scooter, your helmet, etc. spontaneously. The lock can be transported in a jersey pocket or stowed in a luggage bag to save space. Securing outdoor equipment Whether camping or a day trip. This multifunctional lock provides faithful service. You can easily secure your canoe, inflatable boat or barbecue from spontaneous thieves. You can even secure the stroller with it.

€11.95 €16.95 (29.5% saved)
AceCamp Folding shovel black, stainless steel, with 10 functions, approx. 30 cm
Multifunctional stainless steel folding shovel that is weatherproof and durable. Ideal for camping, festivals, fishing and other outdoor activities. The shovel comes with a convenient carrying bag.Features:ShovelAxeSawHammerPliersScrewdriverBottle openerCompassEmergency knifeFishing line and hook

AceCamp wash bowl green, vinyl, collapsible, 10 liters
This wash bowl is the ideal addition to your camping equipment. Made of durable vinyl, the bowl is ideal for washing clothes or food, for example. It's also foldable, so you can easily take it with you.

Altranet dog drinking bottle H2O2GO, aluminum, with cup, 350 ml
This trendy dog drinking bottle is made of sturdy and durable aluminum. Besides the fact that your dog can drink from this water bottle, you can also drink from it yourself! This is possible because the bottom of the bottle is the cup for the dog, so the opening always stays clean. This water bottle is perfect for walks, bike rides, vacations, training sessions, dog shows and for use in the car

Arte Regal cutting board brown, made of wood, approx. 38 x 30 cm
This cutting board is not only practical, it also looks very nice! The board is made of wood and is very sturdy. The rounded surface provides a more playful look, so it is suitable for example as a serving board.

Arte Regal food container gray, made of plastic & silicone, stackable & foldable, microwaveable
This container is stackable and has a lid that closes tightly and keeps the contents fresh longer. Suitable for the dishwasher and the microwave, but not for the oven.



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Regatta backpack Highton navy blue, made of polyester, 35 liters, approx. 50 x 26 cm
With this backpack from Regatta you can be sure that you can store all your stuff! Whether you're going for a walk, a day trip or on vacation, with this backpack you won't have to forget anything! Thirsty? With the two side pockets, you can easily reach your water bottle! You can also store things like phones and keys in the protected zipper.

Igloo Cooler Backpack Marine Switch Backpack, made of nylon, 20 liters
The Marine Switch Backpack features a Maxcold® insulating layer with no less than 25% more insulating foam to keep your food and drinks cool for even longer. The cooler backpack can also be worn in two ways: as a backpack or as a portable cooler bag. With a capacity of 20 liters, you can keep 30 cans cool! Ideal to take with you on a trip or vacation. Equipped with an adjustable and comfortable shoulder strap and a front pocket where you can store small items like your keys or wallet.

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Petromax Aramid Pro 300 Gloves
Robust, durable suede leather lined with fire-resistant aramid fibers - whether you're stoking a big fire, cooking on the fire or grilling: the sophisticated material combination of the Aramid Pro 300 gloves effectively protects hands and forearms from flames and heat.Fire and heat resistant up to 300 °CThanks to the fireproof synthetic fiber aramid, the gloves offer optimum protection up to a temperature of 300 °C. When grilling or making a fire, you have a firm grip on hot objects, because the leather with its rough surface ensures an excellent grip.Petromax design for every handThanks to their universal size, the indestructible Aramid Pro 300 gloves fit every hand and, with their long shaft, also protect the forearms from flying sparks and flames. They come in the classic Petromax design, which with the dragon logo symbolizes the fascination of fire, heat and light.

Petromax percolator "Perkomax" white
With the Petromax Perkomax coffee and tea are prepared aromatically and without much effort. The unique percolator principle gives coffee and tea a delicious aroma. Excellent for all heat sources The Perkomax is suitable for indoors and outdoors: it works just as well on the grill grate and in the hot embers of the campfire as it does on the hotplate, ceramic hob or induction stove. The Perkomax can prepare up to nine cups of tea or coffee at the same time. The preparation time varies depending on the temperature of the heat source and the amount of water filled. Incomparable taste thanks to the percolator principle During heating, the water rises through a tube thanks to the ingenious percolator principle. At the top of the tube is a filter for the coffee powder. The rising water that emerges from the top of the tube drips onto the coffee powder and then runs back down into the pot. There it mixes with the water and rises again. The longer the water circulates in the percolator, the more intense the flavor of the coffee or tea becomes. This unique principle releases the finest aromas from tea and coffee. This makes it possible to prepare an aromatic, full-bodied coffee even when camping or doing other outdoor activities without a lot of accessories.

Petromax fire pot ft6 with feet
The original Petromax fire pot, often referred to as Dutch Oven, is ideal for cooking and baking outdoors or in the oven at home. Cast iron pots have existed since the 18th century. Even then, people appreciated the unique properties of cast iron. With the fire pot Petromax continues this tradition and also equips the fire pot with a variety of refined details. Cast iron Petromax quality Due to the excellent properties of cast iron and the special surface structure, heat is efficiently stored and transferred. The pre-treated surface (seasoned finish) makes initial baking unnecessary and the robust fire pot can be used immediately. Outdoors, it is used on an open fire or with charcoal and briquettes. The raised rim of the lid makes it possible to place embers or charcoal on the fire pot as well. Thus, the fire pot is heated from all sides and is also suitable for baking bread, for example. Greatest cooking pleasure thanks to sophisticated details The fire pot is equipped with sophisticated details that facilitate handling and increase cooking pleasure. A sturdy handle allows the fire pot to be lifted safely, three feet give the fire pot a secure footing, and a thermometer feed-through makes it possible to check the temperature without having to lift the lid. If you want to lift the hot lid, this is particularly easy with the Petromax lid lifter. Another highlight is that you can also use the lid upside down as a pan. Along with all these clever details, the fire pot comes in the classic Petromax design: the lid is adorned with the elegant dragon logo, which has always stood for excellent quality and high-quality products.

Petromax fire box fb2
Petromax firebox promises the construction of a safe and protected fireplace, which is stable and leaves no residue. Durability of the material The precise incisions in the material act as expansion joints and provide the fire with sufficient fresh air. They ensure that the components of the firebox do not permanently deform, even at the highest temperatures. Easy handling The firebox can be assembled in just a few steps and is just as easy to put back together after each use. Afterwards, the stainless steel parts can be easily cleaned and stored in the practical bag made of water-repellent ripstop fabric. Inside the folded Petromax firebox, practical accessories, such as the additionally available stove holder or the feet of the firebox, can also be taken along to save space. Grilling, cooking and making coffee on the way The fire box can be supplemented by other Petromax products such as the Petromax tea and coffee percolator "Perkomax" or the Petromax fire pot and used in many ways. Even baking succeeds, because the fire bowl can be raised in two stages with the optionally available oven holder, so that baking can be done between the bottom of the fire box and the fire bowl. Environmentally friendly and solid The Petromax firebox is easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to store and allows you to take accessories with you. Furthermore, it is sturdy and does not deform despite high temperatures. Finally, it offers an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to the conventional campfire, as the fire burns exclusively in a separate fire bowl and thus leaves no burnt area.

Petromax grill and fire bowl fs56
Grilled culinary delights, juicy pan-fried dishes or a cozy campfire: it's all possible with this all-rounder made of steel. With a diameter of 56 cm, dishes for 6 to 8 people are prepared on the fs56 Cooking, grilling and roastingWith its three legs, the grill and fire bowl stands securely over the open fire. It gets hotter in the middle than on the outer edge, so steaks, baked goods and co. are kept warm there while vegetables are still sizzling in the middle. Before first use, the griddle is burned in so that a patina forms with each subsequent frying and burning process, providing a natural non-stick effect. Once burned in, the plate gets hot very quickly and you can start grilling right away.Making fireThe grill and fire bowl also offers the possibility to enjoy the crackling of burning logs and blazing flames under the starry sky. If you want to keep the ground intact during a campfire, this bowl is just the thing. Fire pot lovers will also enjoy the Petromax grill and fire bowl, because it is so solid that even coals and briquettes along with the well-filled fire pot stand safely on it Transport skillfullyThe fire bowl is anything but bulky, because the 23 cm long legs can be easily unscrewed. This allows the griddle to be stored in a bag and taken with you. By the way, without the legs, the grill bowl can also be used on the Petromax Atago.


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Vacation with the camper is in the trend. But not only in modern times campers, earlier rather with the caravan, today increasingly with the motor home, enjoyed the feeling of freedom in nature. Since time immemorial, people have been very happy to stay in the countryside, on the mountains or by the sea. In order not to have to do without comfort and familiar conveniences even on vacation, there are a variety of accessories for the modern camper. Whether coolers for hot days, the right lighting for beautiful nights, practical organizers for souvenirs and small luggage, or even technical products such as awning accessories or battery chargers. Especially important are care and cleaning products, especially in connection with water and toilet to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. At shoppz.eu you will find a large and well-stocked selection for almost all needs.


We love the outdoors. An epitome of freedom and independence. We want to go out again, into the mountains and forests. Hours of hiking and mountaineering are more in demand than a 5-star hotel in the Caribbean. Back to the routes. More and more people are fulfilling this dream, naturally with the safety of today's technology. The equipment leaves nothing to be desired. The backpack must be extremely stable and yet light. Cooking on the way, drinks, whether cooled or hot, communicating with the cell phone, exploring the complete mountain world with the ultra-light high-performance binoculars. All no longer a problem. Fishing at the most beautiful lakes and rivers of this earth, camping somewhere in the wilderness and then preparing the meal with a modern camping grill. You have every option these days to make these dreams come true.


Outdoor, camping and cycling have always had something in common, which has increased in recent years. The love of nature - often paired with sporting activities, adventures, excursions or just relaxing, away from the stressful everyday life. With rave24.de we have found a great partner, which stands out as a German manufacturer by great quality, combined with a very attractive price / performance ratio. Especially for the topic of bicycle accessories, we were looking for a reliable partner, because especially the campers, whether with caravan or motor home, you see more and more often with their bike or e-bike in the luggage. The bike bags from RAVE, just like the bike locks, are enjoying a rapidly growing fan base, and the positive reactions of our customers encourage us to expand this partnership even further.


A Petromax strong light lamp still stands for tradition and quality. For over 100 years, the petroleum lamp has provided light and warmth. Decades of use in the military show how great the trust is even in difficult situations. Petromax products have long since found their way into the private lives of millions of people worldwide. Anyone who wants to experience nature, whether as a camper, hiker, adventurer or simply "grill master" at home or on the road, can't get around Petromax. The product range is diverse and adapted to today's conditions. The petroleum lamps are now also available for indoor use, as electric lamps. The well-known storm lanterns FeuerhandFeuerhand have completed the portfolio in the area of "small and reliable kerosene lamps". The quality grills and fire pots include pans made of cast iron or stainless steel, in any size.